Entry: Maybe Fate is Waiting Thursday, November 15, 2018

I am given a purpose so I do not move
I am shrouded with what is good
The Psalms of prophets purifies my action
Time travels without me
When fate tempts me to be free

I would like goodness to shackle me
And prayers to cover my eyes
It is better to travel without stops
When fate might be waiting at the gates

Fate has that fruit that will sweeten my sin
Not even a snake will shed its skin
I would cry to put out hells fire
But only heaven fed on my heavy heart
Many years when the angel has been away
And bedevils my mind, feeds on my tears

Fate you are the devil
Offer me the past in my present
That I pray to fucking leave me alone
My cuts I thought were healed
But fate just laughed when I bleed


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