Wednesday, October 26, 2005
I am Blogging. I am with Blog

...and then there is me blogging. I am with blog.

An overcast weather combined with home confinement due to my own sillyness has prompted me not to make sense on deciding to blog. I have spoken what I have thought and I'm confident but unsure that it rests on several mental vaults, if that makes sense. And now, these and future thoughts will now reflect and archived in a binary format.

What better way to start this off than describing my weekend experience of being in attendance of the greatest band in history - Queen.

First, the objective review and impression. Four out of five (4/5) I would say. Biasedly generous. Did I say its an objective review? :) Two of the four original members performed and they added Paul Rodgers to the roster. Definitely not a Freddie Mercury replacement rather a new band member. I was surprised that the non-frontman members sang as frontmen and I was impressed that they sounded very crisp all these years. Song seemed to be split 50/50, half Queen, half Bad Company which seemed fair due to different roots of the current members but objectively wasn't the whole event a Queen concert and not a joint concert? The accoustic was excellent. Loud but didn't hurt my ears. Highlights were obvious -- Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You and We are the Champions. A life-sized projection of Freddie Mercury during the Bohemian Rhapsody number was shown. Slash for Guns N Roses had a cameo. Even I sang along. And for trivial fact, true to tradition, concert ended with God Save the Queen number although I was searching for somebody who would walk on the stage wrapped in royalty robe holding out a crown which Freddie used to do.

For a more personal review and impression, it rocks! Autobiographical I would say. Not because of any analogy to the band's 70's rock and roll lifestyle and values. It's more for each song's association and personal interpretation to personal life episodes ranging from youth angst, confusion, motivation, success, failure -- your basic daily intake of rites of passage in growing up and maturing. My personal highlight was the Show Must Go On number. Its not the most popular or has become a chart topper as far as I know, but it is a personal favorite.

With that song in mind... On with the Show....

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