Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Another verse...


If a path has chosen you
What would you wish for on your next life?
Carry on where the villains have left
Or leave behind the beggars that once stole from you.

If a path was taken from you
What would you repeat over in this lifetime?
Repeat the wrong that was never done
Or forgive a soul that should have never lived.

This is just a song of a bystander
Torn between a lover
and a love that would leave behind
When a wind blows in the direction of the music
The merry men did not stir
For the horns of the melody are now fading
and the march is heading towards away

So by a tree and by a brook only a hush
A sigh - save some for later
Sooner a quiet will blanket the one that observes
The one that stands here before you
A speech, a goodbye - there's no path to these
Perhaps a whistle would make a good company
For the next traveler to follow and shake hands
with this bystander everyone knew.

- written by PS

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