Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Just a Verse

I'm always been a fan of good songs with good writing. I've lost that admiration I've had to the good writings of composers, storyteller, poets etc, but once in a while this admiration is found. And so folks, please do not expect Shakespeare, Frost, nor Freddie Mercury in this writing. Its just a song with no melody.


I've been thinking about a thought that won't go away
Like a thorn I can not avoid
The greatest strength I find is the effort not to use it
But the greatest burden is the one that is cloaking me.

Contempt towards what was is the cloak that agitates even the best of intentions
Im not trying to earn a halo and wings
Would not even think I'm a candidate
A greatest foolishness I have committed
To intent kindness towards one of devil's child
I know it with a sinister smile behind where I can not see
Drinking a pint amused by other fools

You see my audience
It is a play where I am the character that gave
Where the story ends
And I become forgotten

Such a shame, it does not bother me
But the one that led me to believe
Who clapped the devil's hand and who threw the spear
The act the I made is now where I bleed
On a stage where I smiled with an opened heart

I'm too weak to bow
Extremely strong to strike
But who says I need to take the upperhand
Only the ones defeated and so I am

So in the dark I excert the greatest strength
A whisper of prayer for a slight relief
With a fist and a tear not even a shadow could see
Is it of sadness, is it of hatred?
See me in the morning.


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January 5, 2015   05:52 PM PST
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